Dust Bunnies

We all have them from time to time. However, if you noticed an increase in dust bunnies behind doors, furniture or just out in the open, maybe its time to consider having your home duct work cleaned. Dust bunnies aren’t the only thing a professional duct cleaning service can help with. Cleaning your duct work can help with reducing odors. Especially due from smoker smells, animal odors or just due to having a musty smell in the home. There are a variety of professional duct cleaning systems that your contractor can clean your duct work with. Most have attachments that will lightly brush the inside of your duct work , while the machine sucks out the built up debris inside the duct work. Depending on your home size it can take any where from a few hours to a day to clean a typical home. Most companies also clean / wipe off your homes grills when they finish up their duct cleaning job. So if you noticed those darned dust bunnies floating around maybe you should consider it’s time for a good duct cleaning of your homes ventilation system. You probably will be pleasantly surprised. Below is an example of such cleaning. As the old expression says: A picture is always word a thousand words.

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